Weekend Whipper: Yellow Stone (7a+/b 5.12a/b), Moroieni, Romania

Alexandru Popa abandons a clip attempt and tries to grab the draw before he barn doors off Yellow Stone (7a+/b 5.12a/b) at the Lespezi sector
of Moroieni in Romania.

By Rock and Ice | August 4th, 2017

A word of caution: It’s never a good idea to grab for a quickdraw, or any piece of gear, when you’re out of control because you risk

impaling your hand on the bottom ‘biner or “de-gloving” a finger if it gets caught in the ‘biner’s gate. Think this is a myth? Read Impaled by a Quickdraw and Climber Grabs Draw, Skins Finger. It can happen.

Moreover, when Popa grabbed the draw from his position, it twisted him around so he fell facing away from the wall. This could lead to rope burn, whiplash and unprepared impact back into the cliff. Had he just taken the whip instead of trying to grab the quickdraw, it’s likely that he would have fallen with his body square to the rock, which would have allowed him to safely absorb the impact with his legs.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!

Video submitted by Adrian Bata.


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