Weekend Whipper: Taking a Long Rip on “Spliff” (5.13c)

Hits Spliff (5.13c), breaks arm. Stay away from drugs kids.

By Rock and Ice | September 21st, 2018

Turns out your mom had a point when she told you to stay away from drugs.

Evan Wisheropp took a massive rip on Spliff (5.13c) in Northern California. The climb features a massive dyno mid-route.

“The catch always involves a swing, but I swung too hard and peeled off, resulting in a nose-dive digger and a much more forceful pendulum than normal,” Wisheropp told Rock and Ice via email. 

 Wisheropp took a big hit—he broke his arm and split his head. He pointed out that he did have a helmet… it was just on the ground. Tsk Tsk. Seems like a safety meeting is in order so we get best practices sorted out…

We wish Wisheropp a swift recovery and hope to see him out again soon getting high on Spliff. Hang in there, bud.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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I’m consistently amazed at how many of these whippers videos have people not wearing helmets. I do wish Wisheropp a full and speedy recovery, and maybe posting a few pictures of the head injury would help prevent future ones by enticing people to put a helmet on more often…