Weekend Whipper: Hellion (5.13c), Ten Sleep, Wyoming

By Rock and Ice | August 10th, 2017

Andrew Duncan pops off the finger-tweaking Hellion (5.13c) in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

“This was about my 5th attempt on the route and I couldn’t figure out a good stance to clip the 4th bolt from,” he says, so this time around he decided to gun for a good three-finger pocket higher up and clip from there. But before he could make the clip, his foot popped.

“On the way down the rope gets caught behind my leg and I almost flip upside down,” Duncan says. “Fortunately I did not get any rope burn, and my neck and back were not sore at all the next day (hopefully I didn’t cash in all of my karma points for that…).”

Duncan hiked back up the rope to his high point and finished the route from there.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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