Weekend Whipper: Can’t Make the Clip? Take the Whip!

Ugh, we sympathize…

By Rock and Ice | May 31st, 2019

When you’re freaked, you can’t make the clip, your finger gets stuck, and your belayer is being a jerk… ahhh the joys of climbing, amirite??


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This climber, Molly May Finch, endures all that and more on The Great Escape (5.10b/c), Shagg Crag, Maine. (For more awesome background from Molly herself, go check out the comments below!) Her belayer, Jesse Briggs, told Rock and Ice, “It was Molly’s first time trying to lead the route, she climbed well to the fourth clip, where she had trouble clipping. After an unsuccessful attempt to clip, she tried again but managed to get her fingers caught in the draw! After a stressful minute or so she finally free her fingers and took one hell of a whipper.”

Luckily the fall wasn’t too bad in the end because she was wearing a helmet!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!




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