Weekend Whipper: Bye Bye Fingertips…

The “Slaborama” project at Rogaland, Norway, is one sweet-looking line!

By Rock and Ice | July 13th, 2018

How many of you climbers out there have trouble with Touch ID on your iPhone (or whatever the analogous feature is on the other smart machines these days)? Seems every time we try to unlock our phone after going for a climb, the phone no longer recognizes our fingerprint.

But after seeing this week’s Whipper, we concede that that’s ultimately a major inconvenience. At least we have fingertips… which is probably more than can be said for this fellow, after he cheese-graters all the way down a slab with just his digits.

Jon Egil Auestad was out trying the appropriately-named “Slaborama” project in Rogaland, Norway, when he fell. The piece below him on the traditionally protected climb was a black Alien cam, which, he told Rock and Ice, is “getting a proper beating but does still look pretty good.”

Turns out his fingertips weren’t what was bothering him after the fall, though. “I ended up with a sprained ankle.”

Jon is just that much more determined to get back out there now, though, and take his revenge. “Can’t let the rock win,” he said.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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