Weekend Whipper: Beached Whale Top Out Gone Wrong

By Rock and Ice | June 7th, 2019

This one requires a couple views to appreciate everything about it.

Harry Dempsey was climbing La Laja, a problem at the Entre Aguas area in Albarracin, Spain. Hugo Alonso, who sent us this Whipper and who owns the Santstone Guesthouse in Albarracin, told Rock and Ice, “It’s basically an easy but tricky mantle top out :)”


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Frozen and stuck at the top, Dempsey asked his belayer to run around to the top and give him some help. But as she did so, he lost balance and rocketed backwards in one of the more dramatic bouldering falls we’ve seen of late.


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Dempsey hit the tree on the way down, but came away without injuries.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!





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