Weekend Whipper: Walking Away From a 30-Foot Groundfall

By Rock and Ice | March 8th, 2019

The description from the YouTube page reads: “This was about 7 years ago in my 1st year of climbing. I made the novice mistake of underestimating a climb I knew nothing about. Used very bad technique and failed to clip the draw after pulling 2 ft of slack and the belayer feeding the same. Thank you to my ex-gf (the belayer) for doing everything to bring in the slack and ultimately suffered some serious rope burn on her hands. She saved me from broken bones. After shaking the experience off, I finished the climb and walked home with a huge lesson learned.”

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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I’m the climber in the vid. Thank you for the feedback. We were both new to climbing and even less experienced outdoors. I think we both learned valuable lessons. Her belaying skills improved after that. I think now she knows to take what she can and run the rest out. I’m still a gumby. ;P