Weekend Whipper: True Value (5.11a), The Pit, Flagstaff, Arizona

Nadia Lamé takes a big fall, complete with reverse backbend, on True Value (5.11a) at The Pit in Flagstaff, Arizona.

By Rock and Ice | October 23rd, 2017

Nadia Lamé was about to clip the next bolt on True Value (5.11a) at The Pit in Flagstaff, Arizona when she “couldn’t fight the pump any longer,” she writes Rock and Ice. “More importantly, I knew it was going to be a BIG fall.”

Fortunately, Lamé wasn’t injured, although she says she had a sore back for the last month because of the fall. “The fall shows it all,” she writes. “I mean have you ever seen someone get an exorcism while falling?

“I fell weirdly somewhat intentionally to save my face from hitting the roof that I was halfway over when I fell. I was in a terrible position to fall.”

According to Lamé, she learned a lesson: “Wear your helmet! Might not always get as lucky as I did to not hit my head.”

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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