Weekend Whipper: “Tired!” Yells The Rope-Soloist

By Rock and Ice | November 15th, 2019

This Whipper out in Joshua Tree comes to us from Daniel Bogart, and the Whippee remains anonymous!

Bogart told Rock and Ice, “So I’d just awoken from a much needed daytime slumber when this spectacle of a man waltzed right through the site and began up The Space Station. He set up an anchor below Dyno in the Dark (5.10b) and began rope soloing up.

“He seemed to be pretty gassed as he lost his footing.

“‘Tired!’ he said, as he came a’whippin’ down, his helmetless face narrowly missing the edge of the roof. At least the gear is good! Happy ending. He finished the climb.

“I never got to show him the footy as we headed out to climb again shortly after.”

Bogart adds, “Sorry for the stupid car door in the way. As I said, I’d just been awoken and was too content to move to get a better shot.’

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!



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