Weekend Whipper: “That scared the sh*t out of me!”

Us too.

By Rock and Ice | July 12th, 2019

Alex Stathis explains what happened in this week’s Whipper: “The route is Spellbound (5.12+) at the Little River Canyon in Alabama. It’s about a 12-foot-long roof boulder problem that ends on some sloper jugs. In the video, I climb through the boulder, but start to lose it at the very end and can’t control the swing from the slopers when I lose my foot.

“The end of the roof isn’t very high off the ground, and my feet at are the last bolt when I fall. My toes end up swinging in the dirt, and my belayer and I both swing through a small tree. Our legs were pretty scratched up, but otherwise we were both fine, if a bit rattled.”

Oh, and don’t worry—he went back and sent a few days later 😉 Nice work, Alex!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!

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