Weekend Whipper: Take a Seat! Butt-Landing from 25 Feet

Better than landing on your head at least, right?

By Rock and Ice | March 15th, 2019

This one’s courtesy of Ryan Mitchell!

Ryan tells Rock and Ice, “It was afternoon at Reimer’s Ranch in Austin, Texas. I was climbing T-Roofic Detour (5.10d), the hardest outdoor route I’d lead before.

“I made it over the crux and was in the process of clipping when I was short roped enough to pull my foot off the wall. Once my weight started to come back, I went the whole way over, pushing out away from the wall so I wouldn’t hit the ledge I was on.


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“However, my belayer panicked and put one hand on the top strand and one on the lower strand, which tore his hand, and didn’t stop my fall.

“I ended up walking around to the top and rappelling down to clean my gear off. My belayer’s hands were too destroyed by rope burn to climb or belay any more.

“Fact is, I got incredibly lucky I didn’t break my tailbone in this 25-foot deck out.”

Definitely lucky, and hope you and your belayer were able to learn from this. Glad you’re okay, Ryan.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!

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