Weekend Whipper: Stu Smith Gets Scared on “Lost Art of Trash Talk” (5.13d/14a)

Always a scary moment when you think you’re about to shatter your ankles….

By Rock and Ice | July 27th, 2018

With this whipper, Stu Smith enters rarified territory as one of the few (only?) climbers to be featured in TWO Weekend Whippers. Where does one even go from there? Is that not the pinnacle of the sport? What every climber aspires to? It’s all downhill from here, Stu….

Anyway, before establishing his new Squamish testpiece, The Lost Art of Trash Talk, on July 11, Smith took a pretty scary fall on the rig. “I had not yet fallen from that high,” he told Rock and Ice, and the gear he fell onto was an RP. “I was sure I was going to hit the ground.” You can hear the fear in his scream.

Luckily the RP holds! Not one to be scared off his own route, Smith got back on and sent it next go. For anyone traddies eager to hop on it, Smith cautioned: “Climbs more like a sport climb then a crack, lots of techy foot moves and small crimps.”

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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