Weekend Whipper: Split-Screen Whip off “The Dangler” (5.10a), The Gunks

Luckily there’s nothing but air to swing into on this route!

By Rock and Ice | July 5th, 2019

The bar has been raised. No longer is a mere cellphone video or a helmet-mounted GoPro gonna cut it for the Weekend Whipper. We’re goin’ Hollywood—multiple angles or nothin’!

This week’s Whipper is from Ceasar, who had an action cam on his helmet and his iPhone set up on a ledge further away. His cinematic forethought are what make this week’s split-screen edit possible.

Ceasar told Rock and Ice, “I had just seen a crew of three working the 10ft roof known as The Dangler. A Gunks fave here in New York. It’s basically a boulder problem in the sky… or rather 100+ feet off the ground. I saw the crew work the route and take a few times before one of them sent it. Watching them work it gave me the confidence to try it out.”

Cesar continued, “So a week later, I drove up with my climbing partner and give it a try. Being that I’m not much of a roof climber, I didn’t realize switching over to feet first had put my leg behind the rope and into flipping territory. After a failed attempt to get my leg over the rope, I took the whip. I also could’ve benefited from another cam closer to the lip. Lessons learned. Hopefully this vid will not only provide entertainment but a couple of lessons as well.”

Thanks for sending in this Whip Ceasar! Hope you went back for the send and keep up the great camera work 😉

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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