Weekend Whipper: “Moving Out” (5.12b), Clear Creek Canyon, CO

Helmet would’ve been a good idea…

By Rock and Ice | February 5th, 2021

Layton Blankenship shared this whipper of himself on “Moving Out,” a 5.12b in Clear Creak Canyon, Colorado.

“Moving Out” was a line his friend was projecting, but Layton decided to give it a go at the end of the day, too.

“I quickly realized the moves were harder than they had looked from the ground,” he told Rock and Ice. “I had the opportunity to clip the bolt in the crux high, but thought I could power through the crux and clip low from a jug. After pulling out of the crux, my hands were numbing out (temperature was 24 F) and I was on a left sloper, right half pad crimp, and a high right foot.

“I tried to bring my left foot up and smear on the left face. The smear slipped and my left hand didn’t have the strength to hold me on. Due to my high right foot and with an unclipped bolt at my ankles, I toppled over backwards rotating upside down and smacking into the wall.

“Fortunately I walked away with no serious injuries.”

Glad you’re okay Layton!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!



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1 month ago

Layton, your belayer gave you a hard catch. Instead of stepping forward and giving a hop, they stepped backwards, resulting in that jolt.