Weekend Whipper: “It’s not over yet!” – Epic Slab Fall

If you must fall on a slab, at least provide some entertaining narration beforehand to give you friends a laugh.

By Rock and Ice | June 5th, 2020

“The dialogue alone is worth it,” wrote Adam Wood when he submitted this Weekend Whipper of a slab fall for the ages to Rock and Ice .

The clip, filmed by Evan Ludmer, shows Tommy Dutra climbing EBGB’s, a 5-bolt 5.10d in Joshua Tree National Park, California.

This snippet from the description of the climb on Mountain Project should explain why Dutra was so on-edge at the top: “This route had a bit of a reputation back in the day and even now with higher numbers and sticky rubber it still commands respect. Established ground-up by the prolific Dave Houser and a cast of talented locals, this thin face route epitomizes the Joshua Tree experience with a funky start leading to thin face and finishing with a memorable runout to the top.”

Wood told us, “‘It’s not over yet!” has become a catchphrase in my circle of friends.” 🤣

So remember: If you must fall on a slab, try to lose as little skin as possible and at least provide some entertaining narration beforehand to give your friends a laugh.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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