Weekend Whipper: Huge Gear-Ripping Whip in Chattanooga, TN

Gear ripping during a fall is never good.

By Rock and Ice | May 22nd, 2020

“If y’all ever need a blood curdling scream for the feed” use this gear-ripping whipper, wrote Brian Bilbo when he submitted this clip to Rock and Ice. It’s from 2016, at Leda Crag, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and it has aged pretty much as you expect video of a terrifying whip to age. It’s still terrifying.

Brian is the belayer on the right, “with what I’m now realizing was very poor belay technique,” he said, 4-years wiser and more experienced. As to the Whippee—it’s a mystery, just “some random guy who walked up and asked for a catch,” he said.

“Poor gear placement led to multiple pops according to the climber,” Brian said, “but he did manage to dodge the large ledge about 15 feet up by kicking off the wall. Luckily only minor injuries due to a #3 [cam] hitting the climber square in the face, and the belayer punching the wall.” Epic catch by the belayer, Joseph Clark.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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5 months ago

First and only time I went to this crag I saw a bunch of shenanigans. Worst was when a guy to the right of us (sans helmet) got in way above his head and deecked from 15 feet. Luckily no serious injuries but also no lessons learned. He went up to try it again so we packed up and left.