Weekend Whipper: Hitting the Deck HARD in Joshua Tree

Decking on a climb is always scary. This one hurts to watch. (Disclaimer at the outset: the climber was uninjured.)

By Rock and Ice | May 8th, 2020

Logan Dickey had quite the day on Right V Crack (5.10b/c), Joshua Tree, California. This video depicts his second attempt of the day and he had already decked on his first try 15 minutes prior, he told Rock and Ice.

“The gear was difficult to place due to greasy holds from being in the direct sun,” Dickey said. “After my first decker I knew it would happen again if I took another decent sized whip so when my jam finally blew out on this try I knew I was going to the deck. It was like slow motion watching the cams blow out of the crack then I would just be laying in the sand ready to go again. I finally sent it on my third try about 20 minutes after this was taken. No serious injuries from this just some cuts and scrapes!”

Glad you’re okay, Logan, but you’ve got us a bit worried: between the narration of your friends, the fact that the cams ripped more than once, and your lack of a helmet (after you already decked once!), we’re concerned… Make good decisions!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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