Weekend Whipper: Why Free Solo Campusing Choss Is A Bad Idea

Don’t worry, this is from a climbing video game.

By Rock and Ice | April 10th, 2020

Free solo. Campusing. Chossy rock. And—no shirt? But why??? This climbing video game has a number of head-scratching features.

Luckily this guy had an extra life! And with that second chance, he makes it to the summit.

This clip is from the free climbing video game “The Climber Game: Ascending to the Summit.” Created by Yutaka Onizuka, it might not be the most realistic or lifelike, but it might be the funniest for real climbers. Check it out! 

There are a number of excellent reviews of the game on the App Store, but our favorite might be from user Herman’s Pet: “I am unaware of the technology being used by these people who give negative info to this. But is wrong. Game very good, good gameplay, overall good game. All rocks fall don’t get hit bad or arm hyperextended to sun. Personally I live from Kentucky so no flat land, all mountains. So was the birth of me in the sky. My lips speak the words of my mother’s tree. Never seen land, no feet, don’t use, not good. Feet bad, game accurate, get amputated. Energy feature very great to let me see the eyes of the creator in person. Also I carry the tnt while throwing at rocks in climbing. Very feature, good, accurate game. Will tell friends, keep kids entertained for safe future. Saved relationship and freed my brother Sal from the island of grass cows. Saved…”


Thanks @Muklingbyproducts for the tip off on this one and the excellent gameplay footage!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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