Weekend Whipper: Franco Cookson’s Ground Fall While Soloing “Academia” (E10 7a / 5.13+ X)

Soloing this route is the only option—there’s no gear! Amazingly, Cookson walked away no worse for the wear, and got right back up and sent the damn thing.

By Rock and Ice | August 24th, 2018

We’re glad this one has a good ending. For the full story on Cookson’s second ascent of Academia (E10 7a / 5.13+ X), read our report here!

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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Snow Crash
Snow Crash

What are the huge problems that soloing is creating for rock climbing? The original climbers were soloing. And early roped climbing was pretty close.


Top roping the route would mean that it isn’t an E10.
soloing is a style of climbing that deserves to be covered as much as any other, personal choice.
Fine have a discussion but opinion isn’t fact, chill out and remember climbing has always been dangerous and on the fringe of society.
Maybe the problem is that it’s accepted as a ‘sport’ nowadays and people want ultimate safety as so many people have a go…..usually in the gym
Long may people take risks and push themselves, safety third!


This is my one hangup with grading. If this is 5.13x, shouldn’t it just be a highball v9. If you can’t lead it with a rope or place any gear then it’s a boulder problem in my opinion. Sure you have X rated routes in places but you normally get pro in for the first half.