Weekend Whipper: First-Bolt Flip on “Daddy Blocker” (5.11a), Boulder Canyon, CO

By Rock and Ice | December 21st, 2018

We’ll let Shawn Cope, the climber above, explain everything in his own words, as he covers all the bases pretty well!

“It seems like I had been spending too much time sitting on my Grigri taking photos in those days, as the starting 5.10 moves of Daddy Blocker seemed to elude me. (Not that I have gotten any better since.)

That said, the actual instance is but a blur. Maybe it was the lackluster elevation, or something looming in the Boulder air from the college campus below. 

One second I remember contemplating the definite deck I will take if I continue up and fall, then seemlessly, the Six Flags quality ride my head took towards the rock below. Without the quick thinking of my belayer Austin Beck-Doss I’d surely be lost of all memory.

But that folks, is why you wear a helmet.”

Thanks for the entertaining write-up, Shawn 🙂

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!  


Video by Christian Eaton


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Zachary Richmond
Zachary Richmond
1 year ago

Classic gym style belay position, too far away from the wall, and generally in a poor position.