Weekend Whipper: Falling on a Recalled Cam So You Don’t Have To

By Rock and Ice | December 29th, 2017

PSA! If you buy used gear (or any gear for that matter), it’s always a good idea to make sure it’s not from a recalled batch.

Gaar Lausman came across such a cam in a consignment shop. In this video, he writes, “Because I recognized it as a potential hazard it was purchased to eliminate the possibility of any accidents. Inspect your gear and destroy when necessary!”

Lausman decided to have a little bit of fun destroying this piece: he takes it up a climb and puts it to the test.  “The loud gunshot heard is the body of the SLCD [spring-loaded camming device] being [slingshotted] into my helmet and denting TF [the f*&%] out of it. (Another reason to wear helmets!)”

Happy Friday and climb safe in the new year folks!

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