Weekend Whipper: Do It In A Dress

Having everyone at one event climbing in a dress just sounds like straight up good-humored fun.

By Rock and Ice | August 28th, 2020

The backstory and the details of this Whipper are really what make it.

Jacinda Boully sent this one into us and told is it was one “frockin’ hell” of a whip.

It happened at Frog Buttress, in Queensland, Australia, at an event called “Do It In a Froq” [frock]—or as we Americans would’ve named it, Do It In a Dress—where “trad climbers get together and climb in a dress to celebrate the end of the season,” Jacinda said.

Firstly, that’s a rad event. Climbing in a dress just sounds like straight up good-humored fun. We want to go next year. This Instagram post from Jacinda will give you more of an idea of the attire worn by some of the participants.

Moving on.

“It was a very windy day,” Jacinda said, “and I was going for an onsight of The One that Got Away (21/5.11a).”

The following series of events—comedy of errors, rather—is where it gets good: “My dress was billowing. I took a direct route. Dropped a rock on my belayer. Fell with the rope behind my leg onto a 0.3 DMM cam. Inverted. Then dropped my shoulder sling with full trad rack onto my belayers shins!”

Thankfully Jacinda and belayer were both fine. And she didn’t even bail after the fall and dropped rack. “I was on double ropes so I could lower a strand to collect the trad rack from the ground to finish the route!” she said.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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