Weekend Whipper: Dislocated Elbow on “Croc Bloc” (V5), Rocktown, Georgia

We know, we know, bouldering falls aren’t technically Whippers. But for all you hair-splitters out there, know that it’s just because we don’t like to discriminate between types of climbing: all falls are equally worthy of cringing and ridicule to us!

By Rock and Ice | December 7th, 2018

>Keys hanging off a carabiner on belt loop? Music blasting? We’ve spotted a boulderer in the wild, folks! (Strangely enough the specimen seen here does not have the classic beanie.)

At the very top of Croc Bloc (V5) in Rocktown, Georgia, Jack takes a cork-screwing fall.  Even seven bouldering pads aren’t enough to keep him uninjured though—his landing is tailor-made for a broken wrist or dislocated joint, and the latter is what he ends up with.

His friend Britt reports that Jack is “pretty well healed now, but not quite back to his normal strength.” We’re sure you’ll be back at it in no time Jack. Also, maybe next time lose the keys, unless you want people like us to keep giving you flak.

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haha that’s me! It was definitely the keys that threw me off but I’m back in the game and am climbing strong again after a couple weeks of forced rest.