Weekend Whipper: Devilish Fall on Diablo (5.11d), Red River Gorge, KY

We dug back into the archives for this one because, man, oh, man, this guy takes a whipper for the ages.

By Michael Levy | June 15th, 2018

We dug back into the YouTube archives for this one because, man, oh, man, this guy takes a whipper for the ages. (Which reminds us—if you’ve got a good whipper send it in to instagram@bigstonepub.com!)

[Disclaimer: The area this climb is located in—Area 6, in Hog Gap Hollow, Kentucky—is private property and currently closed to climbing.]

According to RedRiverClimbing.com, Diablo (5.11d), is “the route everyone will come [to Area 6] for.” While Area 6 is off-limits to climbing—oil companies currently control the land—you needn’t fret too much: the Red River Gorge is home to literally thousands of other routes; we’re sure you’ll find something to get on during a trip down there.

In addition to moderate classics like Diablo, Hog Gap is also home to next-level, nails-hard routes like Apple Juice Flood (5.14c), which was bolted by Jonathan Siegrist in 2011 and sent by Matty Hong in 2016.

In this video, the climber gets his foot caught behind the rope and… well, you can watch it for yourself.

Let the helmet police commence their jibber-jabbering.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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Belayer let go of the brake hand. Not using Gri Gri either. This video screams yikes to me on both ends of the rope. Never let go of brake.