Weekend Whipper: Deep Water Soloing Backflop in Tonsai, Thailand

This is what happens when you dyno wildly 15 meters above the water, and miss.

By Rock and Ice | December 15th, 2017

Back on a trip to Thailand in 2014, Tristan Boyer tried deep water soloing for the first time above Tonsai’s emerald green waters. As the video evidences, it was a rough introduction.

“It was my first ever deep water solo and the first climb of the day,” Boyer tells Rock and Ice via email. He was on an unnamed 6c (5.11b), and, what with the beautiful scenery all around and the rush of deep water soloing, felt as though he was “living the dream.”

“I was hearing everybody from the boat scream ‘dyno the [stalctite],” Boyer says, “so I thought, ‘How cool would that be if I stuck the dyno at 15 meters up? What’s the worst that could happen, I’m over the ocean!'”

Apparently worse that he anticipated. “The video speaks for itself,” he says. While he came away with no major injuries, his back was a sight to see, with bruises and scrapes the length of it.

The aftermath of Boyer's cartwheeling fall from 15 meters up. Photo: Courtesy of Tristan Boyer.
The aftermath of Boyer’s cartwheeling fall from 15 meters up. Photo: Courtesy of Tristan Boyer.

So just remember: even though you’re above water, if you fall badly or from high enough, you can most certainly injure yourself. And only attempt something you’re comfortable with; never let yourself get pressured into a climb or a move about which you have reservations regarding its safety.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!

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