Weekend Whipper: Crevasse Chaos on Everest

Kinda like a real life version of chutes and ladders…

By Rock and Ice | May 11th, 2018

Summit fever is getting high on Everest—the window during which teams will start thinking about summit attempts is upon us!

But before getting to the Hillary Step (is it there? isn’t it??) and the top, there are other challenges along the way… some unexpected… In this video, taken by the Japanese alpinist Nobukazu Kuriki, a climber from another team is walking across a ladder spanning a yawning crevasse when things go terribly wrong.

Kuriki noted in his Facebook post that the climber and the other parties in the footage were all okay.

As for Kuriki’s own Everest expedition, we’re pulling for him! This is his eighth time trying to summit the mountain without supplemental oxygen, and while coming close on several of his prior expeditions, he has never managed to reach the top. On his 2012 Everest expedition Kuriki lost nine fingers to frostbite. Talk about tenacity.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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