Weekend Whipper: “Butt in Face”

This is when you buy your belayer a beer.

By Rock and Ice | May 24th, 2019

This one comes from Sam Moss!

“Took my first whipper on Too Many Puppies, a 5.12a in the red river gorge,” Sam told Rock and Ice.

“Thought there was a jug to clip from to the left of the bolt that ended up being a terrible sloping crimp,” he continued. “I was too pumped to hold onto it with the left to get around the arete for a side-pull, also wasn’t too sure if there was even anything around the arete (could have scoped it out better I guess). I ended up pumping my self out with indecision and tried to down climb a bit to lessen the whipper. Met my belayer in the middle.”

Luckily, Sam said, “I had a solid cheering section to enjoy it.”

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!




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