Weekend Whipper: Brittany Goris Takes… And Takes a Fall!

Oh, the unexpected joys of trad climbing 🤣

By Rock and Ice | May 17th, 2019

Crusher climber Brittany Goris was in Indian Creek back in March, and decided to try to onsight The Montana Weed Connection (5.13-).

In this video, she tells her belay to take when it’s clearly not in the cards, which the belayer dutifully does. But when she weights the rope—pop, pop!—the top two cams zipper out and fragments of rock explode from the crack. She was caught by a .3 cam, the only other piece left in the crack.


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Luckily, Goris was okay in the end and soon back to her crushing ways. She wrote on Instagram, “Getting back on the sharp end after that was nerve wracking, but I knew that not trying again would only make the fear and intimidation worse. Such a rough start made the send equal parts satisfying and relief.”

In July 2018, Goris became the first woman to redpoint the famously thin and techy City Park, a 5.13d Todd Skinner climb in Index, Washington.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


Video by Leif Solberg




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