Weekend Whipper: Bat-Hang Swan-Dive

A new type of victory whip!

By Rock and Ice | March 9th, 2018

On a day out at the Dragon Wall, near Chattanooga, Tennessee, John Gallagher and crew decided to have a bit of fun. They were out there “on a hot day to take photos for an upcoming guidebook.” Gallagher, always the scrupulous researcher, decided he should do some digging into the best “clipping sequence beta” for the chains on Triple Kaioken, a 5.13 bolted and FA’d by Chattanooga-local Josh Livasy. Here’s the result.

So for anyone thinking about going and repeating the epic looking line, feel free to to Gallagher’s visionary beta or not. We’re just glad that Nathalie Dupre was there to film this sweet little whipper.


Also watch Weekend Whipper: Deep Space Nine (5.13a), Cowell, AR

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