Weekend Whipper: Arete Faceplant (Not For the Squeamish!)

Warning: This Whipper is scary to watch. But don’t worry, the whippee came out not too much worse for the wear!

By Rock and Ice | November 1st, 2019

Arthur Fox bandaged up after taking a fall off Kachoong, Arapiles
Arthur Fox bandaged up after smashing his chin during a fall off of Kachoong, Arapiles, Australia. Photo: Courtesy of Arthur Fox.


We’ll let Arthur Fox explain what happened in this video of him taking a super scary whip off the famous Kachoong (21/5.10+), Arapiles, Victoria, Australia: “As it was above my regular grade for trad I placed an extra cam mid roof and sat on it before pulling over the lip. Once I got around and tried to complete the mantle I realized I was pumped and couldn’t find a decent hold for my left hand so figured I’d just drop on the cam and rest before trying again.

“Turns out my cam placement wasn’t as bomber as I thought and it popped out which twisted me just enough to smack my chin into the arete.”

We are extremely happy you came out okay, Arthur. This one could have been much worse.

Happy Friday and climb safe this weekend!


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