The Low Down on Hangboards: A Review of 11 Leading Boards and More

Here’s the low down on 11 of the leading hangboards. Real talk. Unfiltered. Honest.

By Rock and Ice | March 25th, 2020

Francis Sanzaro and Delaney Miller, lifelong climbers who also happen to work for Rock and Ice and Gym Climber, discuss what they like best about the top hangboards, how to decide on one, and how some boards stand out more than others.

This is the first in the Low Down series, where we get core climbers to discuss all aspects of climbing.

Timestamp for each board:

5:25 – Moon Climbing Phat Boy

7:10 – Tension Flash Board

8:40 – Metolius Wood Grips Compact II

10:10 – Frictitious Easy Board

11:08 – Frictitious Port-A-Board

12:35 – Mammut Diamond

14:15 – Tension Grindstone Mk2

16:12 – Pusher Power Junkie

18:12 – Beastmaker 2000

18:54 – So iLL Iron Palm Cryptochild Board

20:09 – Transgression Hangboard


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