Valhalla – Edu Marín’s 9a (?) Roof Project in Getu, China

We get dizzy just watching this video…

By Rock and Ice | May 20th, 2018

Edu Marín’s wrote on YouTube of his efforts to free his newly bolted creation, “I had never before tried to [free] a [multi-pitch] of this caliber, to climb for hours on that roof … Sometimes I had the feeling that it never ended and that I was lost in a rock sky.

“I calculate that I have … to climb more than 250 meters of pure roof, an authentic madness. …

“It’s a crazy … 3D climb and of course extremely physical. It has several [pitches] of 8c [5.14b], 8c+ [5.14c] and a possible 9a [5.14d].

“I am very happy to have [bolted] this monster, a beautiful line, with a unique style, fun, futuristic, with quality rock and extremely difficult. I’m already preparing the next trip to try to climb free!!”


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