The Rapture of Soloing on Acid

This film follows the legendary climbing photographer and Stonemaster Dean Fidelman. Says Fidelman, “Freedom for me is passion, and this is my passion: I have to make these photographs, I’m living to make these photographs. That’s all I’m living for.”

By Colter Johnson | May 2nd, 2019

Dean Fidelman was at the forefront of the free climbing revolution in Yosemite Valley and Joshua Tree during the 1970s, making photographs with John Bachar, Lynn Hill, Ron Kauk, John Long, and many other talented climbers. Over the past four decades, Fidelman has continued to document the evolution of rock climbing as a sport and culture. This documentary takes a look at his impact and influence as a photographer and climber.


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“The Stonemasters, it would be not uncommon for a group of five or six of us to drop acid and then go soloing. Soloing hard shit on acid is amazing. … As an artist, for sure, it opened my fucking head up,” says Fidelman.


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