The Lifeline Project – Peter Kamitses

By Rock and Ice | December 20th, 2016

Vermont climber Peter Kamitses continues to push the limits of hard trad climbing with his Lifeline Project at Moss Cliff, Adirondack Park, New York. The project follows The Highline (5.13d), a route Kamitses freed a few years ago, and continues up a seam for another 40 feet instead of breaking right into easier ground.

Kamitses has attempted to free the line over the last three years, falling multiple times at the end of its crux—one fall of which made Rock and Ice’s Weekend Whipper. The season at Moss Cliff is unfortunately short, however, due to peregrine falcon closures and the onset of early winter in the Adirondacks. Only two months of the year, September and October, provide good climbing conditions.

The Lifeline Project has potential to be the hardest climb in the area.

Video by Colby Yee.

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