The Ant & The Whale

A poignant and powerful meditation on life and climbing.

By Dom Bush | December 20th, 2018

“It took me ages ... to value what I have. Six years after cutting my fingers, having them amputated, I’m still just working stuff out now, I think. It’s such a valuable thing, that journey that I’ve been on through my accident and out the other side of it. To live my life without that experience would have just cheapened it. That’s the price: the four tips of my fingers. My passion for mountain climbing is still there—it always will be—and I think it’s in a much more sustainable way really. ”


A film by Land and Sky

Directed by Dom Bush

Edited by Simon Sylvester

Words from Ian Almond

Original music from Mike Fearon

Exped support from Shieldaig Adventures


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