Stuck on Freeway – Eleven Miles (240 pitches) on the Second Flatiron, Boulder, Colorado

Not going to lie: this doesn’t sound that fun. But impressive nonetheless!

By Rock and ICe | September 19th, 2018

Of his singularly masochistic feat, Justin Simoni wrote, “A few weeks ago, I thought a righteous challenge would be to see how many laps on the Second Flatiron’s ‘Freeway’ route I could do, before my arms fell off.

“After 16 hours, I had accumulated 20 round-trip laps! 20 up, and 20 down, done in succession with little rest in between. A fantastic day of moving meditation after weeks of preparation on the route searching for the most efficient route to climb. 16 hours of staying in the same 900 foot rib of rock, netting 11 miles, gaining/losing 10,600 feet of elevation. Such an intense concentration of expressing various mountain disciplines in a familiar setting just a few miles from the house.”

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