Stone Locals | Rediscovering the Soul of Rock Climbing

“Stone Locals” tells the stories of 5 people in the climbing community who keep the soul of climbing and nurture it as the sport evolves.

By Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe | August 28th, 2020

Climbing has always been more than just a sport. It’s provided a way of life and a makeshift family to misfits who share a calling. As the sport grapples with its growing popularity, the people who anchor its core and community have more responsibility than ever. This film tells the stories of five of these anchors, the Stone Locals who keep the soul of climbing and nurture it as the sport evolves.

The Stone Locals that the film follows are:

—Kathy Karlo: Kathy shares stories about vulnerability, healing and connection, through her podcast, “For the Love of Climbing,” and tackles the lack of diversity in the outdoors as the Executive Director of the No Man’s Land Film Festival.

— Daniel Pohl: Daniel brings art and climbing together.

— Dario Ventura: Dario keeps his father’s gathering place alive, continuing to uphold the community that forms around food and climbing at Miguel’s Pizza in the Red River Gorge.

— The Keithley’s: The Keithley’s are a family focused on reinforcing the importance of stewardship and communal responsibility to the crag.

— Jumbo: Katsutaka “Jumbo” Yokoyama navigates the balance between risk and family, and the desire to continue moving forward even when the world is full of uncertainty.

“Stone Locals” credits

Directed by Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe

Cinematography by Mikey Schaefer and Cheyne Lempe

Edited by Cheyne Lempe and Juliet Ulibarri

Produced by Patagonia Films

Original score by Tyler Strickland


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