Steve McClure Makes Epic Ascent of 6-pitch Verdon 8b (5.13d) Super Route

After accidentally getting themselves into a 5.13d multi-pitch instead of the 5.13b they thought they were hopping on, McClure and Neil Mawson just continue upward.

By Michael Levy | April 26th, 2018

Steve McClure, one of Britain’s top sport climbers, and Neil Mawson, an E10-conquering dark horse, get more than they bargained for during a day multi-pitching into the dizzying Verdon Gorge. They  attempt a spectacular climb they they believe to be a four-pitch outing with two (8a) 5.13b pitches as the cruxes, but accidentally  the duo find themselves way off route and have to dig deep to find success on a six-pitch climb with a stout 8b (5.13d) in the middle of it.


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