On a V6

Parody video of the Far East Movement’s Like a G6, shot at Toprock Climbing Gym in Ontario.

By RAYM Music Official | August 8th, 2018

Without doubt a solid addition to any Youtuber’s “Ultimate Cringe Compilation 2018” mashup vid.  Listening to this brought up a few sour memories of awkwardly grinding in a humid, dimly-lit gymnasium during my freshman year homecoming.

The cringe may be strong with this one, but so is the production quality. And hey, V6’s are hard. Maybe I should get off my high horse and go get on one.


Thank you so much to Ben Durham and Toprock Climbing Gym for making this video happen! Also special thanks to my awesome friends – Nelson, Matt and Malcolm and all the climber stars for helping us out! – RAYM Music Official


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