Meet the Beast | The Imaginary, Part 1 – Climbing in Peru in VR180

Peru like you’ve never seen it before—in 180-degree virtual reality!

By Rock and Ice | December 20th, 2018

In Peru one can find the best of many things, from the rare to the commonplace, the sacred and the illicit. Peru—and especially the legendary Andes Mountains—have always attracted those who seek the uncommon.

With peaks up to 22,000 feet high, the Cordillera Blanca is a small-scale version of the Himalayan Range. For climbers it’s a slice of the best alpine climbing and greatest undiscovered bouldering in the world. The Blanca is the stuff of dreams. To touch them is magic—a chance to feel the world as one has always wished it to be.

Join climbers Abbey Smith, Pete Takeda, Jeff Rueppel, Mick Follari, Olivia Hsu and Dawn Kish as they enter a world of big mountains and big rocks.


Produced by Abbey Smith, Unknown Artists

Directed by Jeff Rueppel, Advanced Yeti Productions

Written by Pete Takeda, Unknown Artists

In partnership with YouTube Creator Lab, Google VR, Daydream, VRScout, Google Earth, Outside TV, Marmot, and Skratch Labs. Big thanks to: La Cima Logistics, La Casa de Zarela, Mick Follari, Olivia Hsu, Dawn Kish, Petzl, Moon Climbing, Hydroflask, Amavara, Zeal, Friction Labs, Voltaic Systems, La Sportiva, and Stoked Roasters.


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