Markus Pucher Solos Cerro Pollone in Patagonia in Winter

By Rock and Ice | January 14th, 2018

In the summer of 2016, Markus Pucher completed the first winter solo of Torre Pollone, in Patagonia.

Pucher was no stranger to Patagonian soloing even before this climb. He soloed Cerro Torre twice, once in 2013 and once in 2015. The second time, he soloed it in a raging storm storm, and Alpinist reported, “No other ascent was done that day in the entire massif. Most climbers stayed safely inside the warmth of their hostels.”

In a Facebook post after soloing Cerro Pollone in winter, Pucher wrote, “This climbig was quite hard, the last five metres to the summit was a hard and scary work, but at the end everything was fine.”


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