Margo Hayes Sending Biographie (9a+/5.15a)

By Rock and Ice | January 3rd, 2018

When Margo Hayes sent La Rambla, she became the first woman to ever send 5.15a.  When she later sent Biographie, she became the first woman to climb the first consensus 5.15a.  Here’s uncut footage, courtesy of Joe Hedge, of that latter send, one that’s sure to be heralded for its importance in pushing standards in the sport for years to come.

Joe Hedge, who filmed the video, writes on Vimeo, “We happened to stroll up to the base of Biographie on September 24 2017 just as Margo was getting ready…I grabbed my Sony a6300 and found some nice thorny bushes to lay in…used a backpacking tripod at first but had to go handheld as she got higher, sorry for the shakiness…The bottom boulder problem is obscured by tall bushes from where I was shooting…she took about 17 minutes from bottom to top, I edited out a few minutes of shaking-out…this is a 1080 horizontal extraction and motion-track from 4k, shot with the camera oriented vertically, the raw file is much sharper and clearer than this. Enjoy!”


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