Kevin Jorgeson, Matt Segal and Alex Honnold Send Big on British Grit

Great throwback vid from 2008. These were the days before Honnold soloed El Cap or El Sendero Luminoso, and when Jorgeson was known simply for “pushing the limits of highball bouldering,” his send of the Dawn Wall still years away.

By Rock and Ice | February 22nd, 2018

In late October/early November 2008, a trio of Black Diamond athletes—Kevin Jorgeson, Matt Segal and Alex Honnold—traveled to sample the famed British gritstone where runouts, groundfalls and surgical technique are all part of the game. Between rain showers and squalls, the trio managed a host of quick repeats of some of the country’s hardest rated testpieces, sparking amazement and grading debates throughout the UK.

All said, the trio had one of the most impressive visits the gritstone has ever seen and watched more movies while waiting out the weather than any of them thought was humanly possible.

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