Jakob Schubert Flashes “The Never Ending Story” (V14)

Jakob Schubert turned The Never Ending Story, in Magic Wood, into a pretty short story: he flashed the famous V14.

By Rock and Ice | June 19th, 2020

In just 48 hours in Switzerland, 29-year-old climber Jakob Schubert sent nine boulders, flashing five, including a V14.

Said Schubert, “Flashing The Never Ending Story (8B+/V14) at the end of day two was the absolute highlight. I really wanted to flash this one, I was nervous before. I pulled it off, so psyched! I was massively motivated and after a really good start I felt very capable and the trip turned out super successful.”

Schubert’s Ticklist



Unendliche Geschichte/The Never Ending Story [8B+]

Voigas [8A]

Octopussy [8A]

Jack‘s Broken Heart [8A]

Rythmo [7C+]



New Base Line [8B+]

Practice of the Wild [8B+]

One Summer in Paradise [8A+]

Riders on the Storm [8A+]

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