Ikigai: Enter the Climbing-Verse, Delve into a Black Climber’s Passion for Being

“The reason I created this video, is to open a dialogue to inspire and encourage black and brown people, regardless of age and gender. Outdoor exploration can be an enlightening learning experience that isn’t exclusive to any given demographic,” says Lucius Williams IV, a climber of 30 years.

By Lucius Williams IV | June 23rd, 2020

Ikigai,” Lucius Williams IV explains, “is a Japanese concept that centers around the idea of finding one’s reason for being. Being a climber and artist is my reason.”

Williams has climbed for 30 years.

“As a filmmaker and climber of color from the South,” Williams says, “I was inspired to create a short video in an attempt to promote diversity within the climbing community and other outdoor related activities.”


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He goes on, “Also, I hope to shed some light to those within the climbing community who for a myriad of reasons live in an insular world, that there are more of us climbers of color out there and many more of us who have a desire to be out there.”


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