Hugh Herr: Turning Humans Into Super Humans | Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

Check out HBO tomorrow, Tuesday, January 29, at 10:00 PM (EST), to see a new episode of “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” all about the climbing and prosthetics pioneer Hugh Herr.

By Rock and Ice | January 28th, 2019

Hugh Herr, a rock-climbing prodigy with famous ascents from New Hampshire to New York and beyond, lost both of his legs to frostbite at age 17 after climbing Odell’s Gully on Mount Washington in January 1982. He continued to climb, attending both Harvard and MIT, and devoted the rest of his life to research on prosthetics. Today, Herr is the head of research at MIT’s Biomechatronics Lab, where he is credited with having invented the most advanced prosthesis ever.


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