Hip Hop Gone Wild

“Hip Hop Gone Wild” is a cutting edge rap music video adventure film taking you on the journey of exposure, from the urban streets of freestyle circles to the vertical world of rock climbing. Made by women, featuring women, for everyone.

By Henna Taylor and Becca Droz | September 24th, 2018

Both Hip Hop and the wild hold space for creative expression to be exercised liberally. Hip Hop is evolving, so is climbing and so are we.

“Hip Hop Gone Wild” was the recipient of the Female Filmmaker’s Grant from the No Man’s Land Film Festival.


Produced and Directed by Henna Taylor and Becca Droz

Music Production by Rawley Gunnels

Vocals by Lizzy Van Patten

Original Rap by Becca Droz

Extra film hands: Hewitt Gaynor and Summer Taylor

Title Art by Latasha Dunston and Andrea Slusarski

Dance and support from the community (see credits for details)


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Levi Goldman
Levi Goldman
2 years ago

Wow, what great footage. I loved the intro.