Destino Colombia – Climbing at Macheta and La Mojarra

By Rock and Ice | May 3rd, 2017

Chilean climber Lucho Birkner and friends explore two famous climbing areas in Colombia: Macheta—a crag with huge roofs and overhanging sandstone—and La Mojarra, one of the biggest climbing areas in the country.

“Definitly an amazing place to visit,” Birkner says in reference to Machete. “Amazing climbing and quite place.”

As for La Mojarra, “Today, it is one of the biggest climbing areas in the country,” he says. “Really good organization and upkeep by the locals, clean and safe place, most by Refugio La Roca.” It was here at la Mojarra where Birkner and Benja Lira established Señor Péqueño, one of the area’s most popular climbs.


“Climbing in Colombia is amazing,” Birkner says. “It deserves a visit.”


Video by Chachas films / Lucho Birkner


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