Dave MacLeod: The 24/8

Established by Dave MacLeod on the  March 19, 2018, the “24/8” might be one of the hardest all-around climbing challenge there is: an 8A (V11) boulder, a 8a (5.13b) sport route, E8 (~5.13c) trad route, an VIII 8 winter route, and 8 Munros, all in under 24 hours.

By Kevin Woods | June 12th, 2018

In 24 hours, Scottish machine Dave MacLeod churns through hard climbs of all the disciplines of climbing. As he puts it, “The 24/8 is all the grade eights in a day.” That stacks up to an 8A (V11) boulder problem, an E8 trad route, an 8a (5.13b) sport route, a grade 8 winter route, and eight Munros (a peak in Scotland with a height over 3,000 feet). The sheer difficulty of the grades notwithstanding, imagine how difficult it is for each of these climbs to all be in good condition within a 24 hour window.

MacLeod says, “I reckon in the past 10 years it’s probably been in condition four or five days.” In the video, MacLeod goes on to send Cameron Stone Arete (8A+/V12) in freezing conditions, the trad route Misadventure (E8/5.13c), the sport route Leopold (8a/5.13b), the ice route Frosty’s Vigil (VIII,8), and eight 3,000 foot peaks.


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