Daniel Woods and Matt Fultz send La Plancha (V14)

They snagged the second and third ascents.

By Rock and Ice | January 20th, 2018

For his first ascent of La Plancha (V14), Paul Robinson had to put an edit together without the usual fall-montage that most bouldering videos seem to sport these days (the footage got erased).

But Alexandra Kahn had plenty of falls to choose from when putting together this video of the boulder problem’s second and third ascents, done by Matt Fultz and Daniel Woods, respectively.

“When most would turn the cameras off, I keep them rolling. My focus is to capture the adventure, develop the characters, and bring you into the story,” Kahn writes on Vimeo. “Oftentimes an adventure sports video is created without showing the process in which the athlete achieves success. My desire is to show that path to success or failure in its authentic form. Welcome to my Vimeo channel and I hope you enjoy the first video!”


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